“If the art were not so difficult, we would have plenty of good riders and excellently ridden horses, but, as it is, the art requires, in addition to everything else, character traits that are not combined in everyone: inexhaustible patience, firm perseverance under stress, courage paired with quiet alertness. If the seed is present, only a true, deep love for the horse can develop these character traits to the height that alone will lead to the goal.”-Gustav Steinbrecht

Amy Spence offers this “deep love for the horse” and works to develop a healthy bond between horse and rider that is beneficial to heart and mind.  Amy has developed her training style through 20 years of riding many horses from various disciplines, both English and Western. At Cal Poly SLO, Amy gathered formal knowledge of heard health and horse training.  As of late, Amy continues to gather experiences and strives to model her training system after classical dressage and the “Art 2 Ride” movement which emphasizes the importance of training horses to work over the back first.